Our Services

Expert Testimony

As forensic accountants we provide expert testimony services to assist in litigation cases. Our team forensic accountants are experience and providing fact-based and reliable testimony to help your case and we are committed to providing the highest level of professional service. We are prepared to provide our expertise in civil and criminal court proceedings.

Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR)

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a broad term used to describe methods of resolving disputes outside of the court room. Services offered by Forensic Accounting typically include mediation, arbitration, negotiation, neutral evaluation, and settlement conferences. These services provide parties with a opportunity to save time and money while also providing an effective resolution to the dispute.


Our investigation team offers a wide range of services to assist and uncover any financial irregularities, regulatory concerns, internal control failures, asset tracing, financial crimes, whistleblower allegations, integrity checks, and cyber currency related crimes. Our highly experienced professionals are equipped with the knowledge and tools to thoroughly investigate and identify potential issues

Digital Forensics

Digital forensics provides a comprehensive Discovery solution enabling clients to an extract analyze and interpret digital data. Our experience team a frantic accountants do a data analysis to uncover hidden patterns in the data as well as examine cryptocurrency transactions to encourage uncover financial fraud with our digital forensic services you can trust at all of your design experience is secured and properly analyzed

Corporate Compliance

Our forensic accounting services provide comprehensive corporate compliance solutions. We offer fraud vulnerability studies to identify potential risk, internal control analysis to ensure effectiveness of the existing control environment and due diligence to support informed decision making. Our team is up experts is dedicated to helping your organization stay compliant with the latest regulations.

Business Litigation

Our team of forensic accountants specialize in business litigation including merger and acquisition disputes corporate validation disputes and shareholder/partnership disputes. We provide detailed analysis and expertise testimony to help resolve complex financial issues within the context of legal proceedings. Our experience team combines deep business acumen and forensic accounting knowledge to provide reliable insights and solutions.

Business Valuations

Our validation team business validation provides an independent and objective assessment of your business’s value for a variety purposes, including merger and acquisitions, joint venture formation, buy-sell agreements, leveraged buyout, and sale of business. We’ll provide you with a reliable and accurate validation to ensure the best decision making for your business.

Marital Disolution

At our firm we specialize in providing a comprehensive suite of services related to marital disillusion, including income determination, a marital balance sheet, lifestyle analysis, forensic examination of closely held business, defending against opposing experts, analysis of dissipation and fraudulent conveyances, expert testimony, and consulting witness testimony.

Litigation Support

Our litigation support services provide expert forensic accounting and forensic paralegal assistance to help develop case strategy and prepare trial binders. Our highly experience forensic accounting team as well-equipped to uncover any hidden financial irregularities and present them in an easy to understand forma. Wee also provide paralegal services to ensure all relevant documents are organized and present it clearly in the trial binder.

Employment Law

Finder forensics offers a wide range of services related to employment law including a thorough knowledge of David Bacon Acts, department labor audit support, union local audit support, compliant analysis, contract disputes and whistleblower claims. Our team is highly knowledgeable in many aspects of employment law, and we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible representation as well as to provide you with the necessary support to ensure compliance and protect your interests

Client Accounting Services (CAS)

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