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Fraud News: Danske Bank Money Laundering Scandal

Fraud Spotlight: Money Laundering On December 13, 2022, Danske Bank, Denmark’s largest bank, plead guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit bank fraud and agreed to forfeit $2 billion to settle a long-running investigation involving billions of dollars in illicit transactions. Under the plea agreement, the bank will also be placed on probation for […]

Fraud Awareness: Crypto Mining Scams

The Conditions for Fraud: Scammers & Cryptocurrency Although cryptocurrency is not a mainstream payment method, it has become an alarmingly popular method for scammers to defraud individuals and businesses. Cryptocurrency presents the opportunity to break free of traditional, government regulated banking methods. The speculative nature of the industry, the volatility of the currency, the constant […]

Fraud Awareness: Whistleblower Process & Resources

#fraudweek #factfinderforensics As Fraud Week continues, Fact Finder Forensics is highlighting the importance of whistleblowers and the process of whistleblowing. Whistleblowers are champions in the fight against fraud and they are imperative to safeguarding businesses from the growing fraud problem. Many employees will observe fraud, wrongdoing, or misconduct at their workplace. Individuals should never feel […]

Fraud Awareness: Recognizing & Reporting Workplace Fraud

#fraudweek #factfinderforensics As International Fraud Week continues, Fact Finder Forensics is committed to shining a light on fraud. We support weeks like this to call attention to a major problem affecting people and businesses domestically and abroad. When it comes to fraud, a little awareness goes a long way. Today we are looking at common […]